International Master of Business Administration(IMBA)

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Why competitive

Those who teach International MBA Program courses have rich backgrounds in consulting and business practices. The school also invites management practitioners with rich experience to teach IMBA Program courses, which give opportunities to the students to interact directly with the most successful entrepreneurs and business people.

We provide better international learning environment and more international opportunities to the IMBA students. In our exchange program, they could enjoy priority in applying and recommendation by the School.

EMS also offers a Double MBA Degree Program with Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business of University College Dublin, which allows students to study for one year in China and one year at a partner School abroad, allowing them to graduate with two Master's Degrees after completing all the credits from both sides.

Entry requirements

Application Requirements:

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, under the age of 40,have abtained a bachelor’s degree.
2. Three years work experience.

Application documents:
1. Wuhan University Application Form for Foreign Students
2. CV
3. TOFEL/IELTS Score or other English proficiency proof
4. Two Rcommendation Letters
5. Passport (photo copy)
6. Highest Degree Certificate (photo copy)
7. Receipt of application fee
8. Self-recommendation Essay
9. Academic Records (Transcript photocopy)  

1) All required documents must be in Chinese or English;
2) The applications documents and related documents will not be returned.

A face-to-face interview is recommended for all applicants. For the applicants who are in China, the interview will include personal part and group part(Leaderless discussion). The interview results will be given by specialist group that consist of Chinese and abroad professors.

Howerer, for those applicants who are working or studying outside of mainland China we may permit interviews through other arrangements such as video conference or telephone. Each internview is approximately 20-30 minutes per applicants.

Career prospects

This program provides a holistic general management education with global perspective and Chinese feature. A comprehensive curriculum covering core business practices ensures the students enhance their abilities as managers, leaders and entrepreneurs; whilst special courses taught by China and abroad famous specialist provide in-depth understanding of Chinese exceptional economy, leading managerial knowledge and cross-culture problem.
Besides, as a student in a major research university in China, the opportunities for customizing your MBA are almost endless.

Now China plays an ever greater role in global economy, the international MBA provides those graduates a lot of opportunities to develop their careers in China and also in the bigger environment.


How to apply

Step 1 Submit Application Documents Complete the online application and upload all application documents.
Step 2 Qualification Verification It takes 2 days for Qualification Verification for language students, 3 work days for undergraduate program students and 2 weeks for graduate students.
Step 3 Admission Notice We would send out admission letter and JW202 about a week after the documents verification. Please confirm your address with Wuhan University.